The Stolen Gift(s) (The Silver Bracelet) 2013

Transience 1 adjusted   Transience 2 adjusted

Transience 3 adjusted   Transience 4 adjusted

Transience 5 adjusted

The Stolen Gift(s) I, II, III, IV and V. Silk screen print and oil paint on paper. Each image 50cm x 31.5cm.  These works are based around a silver bracelet, that I had never seen before,  given to me by my mother when I was 60 years old.  This (gift) was given to my mother by my father during WWII when he returned on leave from serving in Italy. It is the only connection I have with my father who I only met on one occasion. There is a comprehensive project book that shows my journey,  with drawings and writing in response to this item, which is shrouded in mystery.


P1030267     P1030268

Links, Duality and Repetition I and II. Mixed media on paper  59.4cm x 42cm

Photoshop experiment 5a     Photoshop experiment 6 copy

Cropped sections of Links, Duality and Repetition III   Mixed media on paper

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